Started Funny.

Let’s Be Cops is the sort of film that manages to get a lot of laughs and drama out of the idea of fantasy becoming reality. The main characters dress up as cops for the sake of a costume party, and they end up having to become the real thing over the course of the movie. It’s premise that is ripe for comedic opportunity, and the movie does manage to explore all of those comedic possibilities very effectively.

Almost any movie review that you’ll read online is going to contain a detailed analysis of the movie Let’s Be Cops, and the people who analyze the movie on that level are missing the point of it to a certain extent. It’s a movie that’s very much supposed to be a comedic farce, and it really isn’t supposed to be anything other than that. People who are looking for the kind of movie that you can eat popcorn to will really get a kick out of this film, which manages to combine lots of different comedic tropes into one presentation. You have your ‘fish out of water’ story-line, your ‘bumbling cops’ story-line, and even your ‘best friends and buddy cops’ story-lines that have managed to merge, given the nature of the story.

Actors Are Good.

Comedy, of course, is never going to be just about the premise. Actors who aren’t funny are going to sink even movies that are full of comedic possibilities. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. play our protagonists, and they do a great job with that. The actors onscreen in a movie like this need to be having a lot of fun with the roles, or the audience isn’t going to have a lot of fun with the movie. They basically need to be laughing with the audience as if they’re members of the audience as well, and that’s definitely what happens with this movie. The movie does a good job of making the central characters likable, which is going to be important in a movie like this.

But Conclusions Need To Be Reached

Of course, some people might find this movie somewhat uncomfortable to watch if they have ever had encounters with fake cops themselves.

Fake cops actually are very real, and they have managed to harass a lot of citizens. They’re supposedly armed with all the powers of the law, and they will misuse them in a way that would get real police officers fired for sure.

Impersonating police officers is a felony that can land someone in jail for years, but you wouldn’t know it from the way that people often act in movies and the way that a lot of fake cops act in real life. Let’s Be Cops is a fun movie, and it is unlikely that movies like this actually cause people to become fake cops. They would have done so anyway, and they don’t need any inspiration. However, it is interesting to watch movies like this while knowing a lot of the ways this concept has affected people in the real world.