In the first video, the driver slows down and pulls over to the shoulder of the road after a car speeds up behind him while flashing blue and red lights. The car is not employing a siren, but the driver pulls over anyway for cautionary reasons. The ‘officer’ asks for the driver’s license and registration, but does not respond to repeated requests by the driver asking if he is a police officer. The false officer mutters some jibberish into his radio, but no response comes from the other end. He then pulls out a badge that says I.C.E., which is shorthand for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The driver is indignant at the supposed violation of his rights and demands that the ‘officer’ cease and desist his behavior. The officer seems to realize that he does not have the power, as an unmarked non-traffic cop, to pull over the driver for this breach of the law, and after a minute-long argument he allows the driver to progress on his way.