A Chinese man ran a fake police station for two years until when police raided his home following a tip-off from his girlfriend. In his office, Inspector Lei had a collection of handcuffs, an armory of stun guns, and black blazers. Also, he had a siren on his car!

Inspector Lei allegedly used his fake police station as a money making ruse. He sold falsified warrants and public security bureau documents. Also, security officers uncovered lots of forged documents, a GPS tracking device, and a camera.

Inspector Lei was exposed his girlfriend’s friends when he tried to flirt with them. When his girlfriend threatened to leave him for his wicked ways, he was enraged and vowed to post their video having sex online.

It is when she sought a genuine police officer that Lei’s fake police station was exposed. Upon busting the impersonator, Tang Hui, who led the investigations, was quoted saying, “With his disguise he was very deceptive.”