A man in Northern suburban Streamwood is robbing unsuspecting drivers by posing as a police officer. His, Ford sedan car resembles the typical police cars. Besides, his car is fitted with decorative LED lights that keep on flashing on the dashboard. Though he does not have a badge, the heavy built man dresses in dark blue and taking advantage of the naïve drivers.

A few days ago, this fake cop stopped a woman who was driving alone along Ascot lane just near the Schaumburg Road. Police reported that the robber ordered the woman out of the car after identifying himself as a Streamwood officer. The fake cop seized that moment then grabbed the woman’s purse and drove away.

Police say that you can ascertain whether the officer telling you to pull over is a real police officer. If you feel unsure about the cop, you are advised to remain in your car and call 911 so that you can verify the identity of the person telling you to pull over.